Manual Juicer

Enjoy Fresh Juice anywhere, anytime.

Why Manual Juicer?

No More Electricity

it does not have a motor, thus it works quietly and does not require electricity. You can save money by not having to pay for electricity.

Preserves Enzymes and Nutrients

You get more nutrients than with an electric juicer. Manual juicers don’t generate heat or foam up the juice, which breaks down nutrients and enzymes

Compact and Portable

They are portable and easily travel with you. You can take them anywhere, even out camping or on a picnic and you’ll never have to worry about plugging them in.

Guaranteed Life-Long

More durable and longer-lasting than an electric juicer. There are very few moving parts and no engine so you won’t have to worry about your manual unit breaking down.

Easy to Clean

They are easy to clean – some are even dishwasher safe. There are very few parts to clean with manual juicers and no engine to deal with.

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