Bamboo Foldable / Breakfast/Bed/Reading /Serving Tray/Stand



Bamboo Foldable / Breakfast/Bed/Reading /Serving Tray/Stand


The Bamboo tray has folding Stands with two handles that makes it easy to carry from one point to another. The tray is multi functional as it can be used to serve food , bed reading,watching Tv and even drawing. It’s recomendable for elderly people or with mandatory rest, backache Or even for a romantic breakfast in bed type morning


1.Has Foldable Stands that make it easy To Convert To  Serving  Tray.


2. Enjoy Your Breakfast in Bed at Your Confort.


3. Spacious Enough To Provide Enough Space and Snacks as You work in                                                                                  Bed,couch or even your car.

4.  Made of High Quality Natural Bamboo with non porous surface.


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